Classroom Visits

Carolyn is available for classroom visits as of April 1, 2007, throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Each classroom visit you book includes two copies of Theodora Bear for your school library, and one for your classroom.

As a teacher herself, Carolyn is comfortable in a classroom and an excellent speaker. She understands the support teachers need and wants to help your children love reading and writing. In addition, any student artwork or writing you send her will be put up on this web site, to further enhance your students' pride in their work.

Below are some choices for your classroom visit.

Author Reading

  • Author will read one or two chapters aloud to the class or classes
  • Author will answer students' questions

Author Reading: Reading Strategies Focus

  • Author will read one or two chapters aloud to the class
  • Before, during and after the reading the author will give students prompts to direct them to make predictions, identify turning points in the story, and make connections from the book to their own experiences

Author Reading: Writing Strategies Focus

  • Author will read one or two chapters aloud to the class
  • Author will generate writing ideas based on the characters in the story
  • Author will prompt students to generate a "new chapter" of the story. This could mean drawing a scene and writing a caption or mini-story to accompany it, or writing a paragraph, depending on the students' writing level

Individually Designed Workshop for Your Class

Does your class have particular strengths or needs that you want addressed during an author visit? Together we can plan a workshop that suits your students.

Cost: $200 (Price set by the Children's Writers and Illustrators of B.C.)

To inquire about a classroom visit, please fill out the form below.

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Is there anything else important a visitor should know about your class, such as special needs, ESL, or very active students?

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