Artwork by Kids

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Writing Tips

Are you in Grade 1, 2 or 3?
Do you want to make your writing better?
Here's how!

  • Listen to your teacher when she or he asks you to write.
    If you don't understand what to do, raise your hand and ask!
    Be sure to use good manners when you ask.
    Example: Excuse me, Ms. Jones, could you please explain that again?
  • Do you write in a journal in class? How many sentences do you write? Can you write one more sentence today than you wrote yesterday?
  • If you have trouble with writing: Ask your teacher, mom, dad, or babysitter if you can tell her or him your story. Maybe she or he can write it down for you.
  • Sometimes it helps to draw a picture with your story. Then you can write more.

Remember, if you have a story to tell, you are a writer!