Theodora Bear by Carolyn Jones

A chapter book for primary students

Harriet has a large collection of stuffed animals. Her favourite is an intrepid bear, Theodora (Teddy, to her friends). The animals try to boss Harriet around, and it’s all she can do to keep them from always getting their way.

Author Carolyn Jones teaches English as a Second Language to adults in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She also works as a landscape gardener. Carolyn lives in the Strathcona neighbourhood of East Vancouver with her beloved teddy bear, Theodora. Theodora Bear was written to entertain Carolyn's goddaughters, Emma and Sarah. Theodora Bear is Carolyn's first book. She is currently working on a story called "Melvin Found a Mouse in His Muffin," based on a true-life trauma.

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Theodora Bear is illustrated by award-winning Canadian illustrator Barbara Spurll, and is published by Orca Book Publishers.

My favourtie part was when the Bear said come here little fishy

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Ask the Author

Somer M. asked:
I have met you before at Grandview Elementary. I'm in division 6. My question is: How long have you been an author?

I remember meeting you when I read to Ms. Fergusson's class. You have asked an interesting question. How long have I been an author? Well, Theodora Bear was published in May 2007. So I guess you could say I have been an author since then.
But I have been a writer since I was about your age. At different times in my life I have kept a diary, written poems, and short stories. When I went to university, I wrote articles for the student newspaper. This January, I wrote an article about teaching poetry to high-school students. That article will be printed in a magazine this summer.
What about you? I know Ms. Fergusson gives students lots of chances to write. Do you write stories, poems, plays, short essays...? I hope you do. Each one of us has stories inside us that only we can tell.

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